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Complete business control and productivity optimization.

Dynamic, fast and adaptable!

If you are looking for an IT solution to bring your business to the major league or just wondering how to change or reduce your expensive IT investment we have the solution.
  • IT your business

    Having difficulties connecting to clients in order to sell your product? Then this is a great opportunity to get a first class system and take 
your business into a new age.

  • Change your IT investment

    If you are already investing in IT then this is the perfect opportunity to reduce your costs and redistribute them to where they will generate more business.

  • The right price

    We have achieved the best performance with the minimum cost. With first-rate service/costs, possible by extensive use of state-of-the-art technology and open source tools.

    Worldwide portfolio

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    We want to buy your product and we will connect you with our worldwide portfolio. Take advantage of our sales network and partners. If you use our platform the integration is so effortless, that from the beginning you will start making business through us.

    • Hotel contracts
    • Transfers
    • Excursions
    • Major OTA's
    • Worldwide destinations
    • XML technology 4th generation
  • More than a Booking Engine

    All you need

    You will find everything you expect from a first class travel ERP. Whether you are a TO, OTA or DMC, you will find everything you need with Busso.

    Save on costs and man hours with our fully automated Booking Engine and ERP! New reservations will pass straight from your clients to your suppliers in a flash. With every detail recorded in your booking module and straightforward access for efficient invoicing and payment control.
    Easy to access modules for bookings and product management. Capability to export invoicing and statistical reports. Control your clients from one place with extensive margin and mark–up controls.
    • Operational improvements
    • More connections
    • Business intelligence
    • Big Data
    • Artificial intelligence


    Availability request per day

    30 ms

    Average response time

    Unlimited users connections


    Made by business, for business

    BUSSO is not what a ICT thinks your business requires.
    BUSSO has been designed as a tool to adapt every aspect
    of the daily running of business.


    Hotel, Transfer, Flight, Ferry, Tours and Excursions, Events, Rent a Car, Airport Parking and more.


    Busso grows with your business, and your business grows with Busso.


    Fast, flexible and functional user interface.


    The system allows users to translates into any language.

    Make business the very first day

    Easy integration with your clients and suppliers.

    50 years of experience

    Now available to you.

    Take your business to another level

    Join our network now!

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